Physical Therapy

Louisville Physical Therapy

Our outpatient senior rehabilitation programs have the goal of improving balance, muscle strength, and movement.

Once significant improvement is displayed in inpatient care, physicians may recommend that seniors visit an outpatient senior physical therapy program.

As seniors age, their physical strength and bone density tends to degrade and chronic diseases, such as arthritis, may cause pain and discomfort during movement. Seniors are also more prone to experiencing strokes and other neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease, that may require geriatric physical therapy as treatment.

Physical therapy for seniors involves regular sessions with the goal of improving their balance, muscle strength, and movement so that they may live a healthier, more active life. Recent studies have even suggested that physical therapy can be used as a preventative treatment to help preclude disabilities before they first begin to show symptoms. Presbyterian Homes and Services of Kentucky’s experienced physical therapists will work daily to ensure that your loved one is happy and healthy.