Geriatric RehabilitationOur physical therapists specialize in geriatric rehabilitation and offer services like geriatric occupational therapy or speech therapy for adults. Our professional staff is highly qualified and most are Evaluating Therapists and possess a Masters Degree or PhD in therapy.

The ultimate goal of rehabilitation is to restore the patient’s quality of life to a state similar to their standard of living prior to their illness or injury. In the case of geriatric rehabilitation, these injuries are sometimes related to diminishing physical capacity associated with their age.

A substantial portion of rehabilitation focuses on redeveloping the individual’s physical strength to a maximum functional level. Our therapy centers provide residents with the physical, cognitive, and emotional support needed to improve their quality of life.

After completing their rehabilitation program, a physician may recommend that the resident be transferred to an outpatient program which can be scheduled at our facilities which offer outpatient therapy. We have an exceptional staff of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists that specialize in senior rehabilitation.

Types of Rehabilitation Offered: