Presbyterian Homes of Louisville

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Stan and Shirley Myers

Former Residents

Being at Westminster has been a good experience from the beginning.  We chose Westminster because a friend was here and visiting her was such a pleasant experience.  Beverly who is at the front desk and the first to greet you always has a smile and is very friendly.

I think atmosphere is one of the most rewarding experiences when you’re sick or doing rehab.  They started right away with Stan and learned he was a teaser.  Each person he has worked with has treated him with respect and loving care.  he has progressed really well.  He now has his balance and walks by himself.  He has also regained his strength.

They also worked with relieving my fears about his recovery and reassuring me.  I have decided if I have to have in house therapy this is the place I want to be.  I have told doctors and practically anyone who will listen how much I love this place.

Stan loved the food.  I have a lot to live up to when we go home.  When Stan celebrated his birthday in his photo album I included nurses, aides and rehab staff because they helped us celebrate.  Besides this was home while we were here.

We are ready to leave with the knowledge therapy has done their job well.

Alan Gould


I arrived here about three weeks ago at 2am in the morning but unlike Santa I wasn’t carrying a bag-I was the bag.  I couldn’t get out of bed without two people helping me and I couldn’t step over a broom.

Well three short weeks later I can leap out of bed by myself and I  can jump over a whole broom.  I am looking forward to jumping over a tall building soon.  I don’t want to make light of this stay because it took a lot of hard work by all your people regardless of title.  The people are the best.  I wouldn’t want to go through this again but if I do I want it to be here. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kathy Campbell

CMT, who has worked for Presbyterian Homes since 1976

Kathy was thinking about Presbyterian Homes and what is most special to her about her 37 years here and she said, “The residents. It’s fun to have fun with them. My goal every day is to make my residents laugh and to make my nurses look good. If I do what I’m supposed to do, it reflects well on my nurses. And it would hurt me if I couldn’t laugh with my residents.”

Linda Mosley

CMT, who has worked for Presbyterian Homes since 1980 and is the PHL Spirit of PHSK winner for 2011

Linda said, “I enjoy interacting with the residents—finding out how interesting their lives are, knowing about what they did in their lives. I love their smiles and enjoy being able to care for them.”

Cedar Creek

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Elma Plitt


God’s providential leading is awesome and amazing!!

In the summer of 2004 my son, Dan and wife Barbara brought me to visit Mrs. Leo Cline at Cedar Creek Assisted Living Residence. I had known Leo for many years. While my husband and I lived in Naples, FL we drove back and forth from our Florida home to our old family house in NY every year, stopping off for a visit at Camp Nathanael in Knott County, KY where my son has been business manager for 40 years. Leo had been a faithful member there for a very long time and I looked forward to seeing her again.

The beautiful setting of the Cedar Creek home really impressed me and I was so pleased to see the lovely front porch and walk through the attractive welcoming doors. During our visit Sharon Hall, the director gave us a tour of the building and we remarked that we were glad it wasn’t one of those huge impersonal facilities.

As I needed a walker to get around I was delighted there were no stairs to climb and fell in love with the coziness and charm of the place, even thinking of the type of apartment I would choose. I asked questions and took the brochure because I said that if, sometime in the future years to come I might need assisted living I would like to be in a place like Cedar Creek.

My husband had died in 2002 and I was now living in Hindman, KY to be nearer to my son and his family. Well, those ”future years” became my “right now” when I had an accident on Nov. 29, 2004 making it necessary for me to go into, assisted living. My family and I were so thankful that the foundation for that had already been laid and on Dec. 17, 2004 I moved into my lovely deluxe studio apartment.

The kind friendly attitude of Sharon and all the staff members here made me feel very welcome. I have made good friends, been well taken care of, really enjoy the planned activities and in the three years I’ve been here I have sensed a real feeling of contentment.

Every morning I give thanks to God for leading me to Cedar Creek and I look forward to another happy day.

Good Shepherd

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Cathy Matney

Licensed Practical Nurse, House Supervisor

My name is Cathy Matney and I am a Licensed Practical Nurse and one of the House Supervisors on day shift at Good Shepherd Community Nursing Center. I began working at Good Shepherd as a nurse aide in 1986. After working as a nurse aide, I attended some classes and became a Certified Medication Aide. Seven years later, I decided to become an LPN and started classes to become a nurse.

I have worked at Good Shepherd for twenty one years, twenty one wonderful years. I enjoy working with the elderly and my employer treats staff like family regardless if you have been here twenty one years or if you are newly hired.

Not only do I work at Good Shepherd, I am a volunteer. I assist with whatever activities are going on in the facility, be it a fund raiser for the residents’ Christmas, or a trip for the residents to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We help our residents and their families to have fun and enjoy life.

At the end of my shift, I will not leave the building until I make sure that I have done everything I can do for each resident in my care, and I insure there is adequate staff on the floor to continue the care that has been provided to our residents. We work as a TEAM. I am blessed to be a part of this organization.

Sherri Spencer

Dietary Aide

My name is Sherri Spencer and I came to work at Good Shepherd Community Nursing Center in June, 1981, as a dietary aide. I had just graduated from high school. My dad taught me that if I was going to have a good life, that I needed to work for that good life.The reason I have stayed so long at Good Shepherd, is because I believe this is where the good Lord wanted me to be. I want to do what God wants me to do and I believe He puts individuals where He wants them to be. This place is my mission for Him. I love being here.I have two wonderful families, one at home and one at work. Some of my best friends are here. They are people that I can count on when I need them.I love my job, the residents, and my co-workers. I hope that I never have to leave this place. If I ever need nursing care, I hope there is a place like Good Shepherd for me.

Meady Hardin

House Supervisor

My name is Meady Hardin and I am one of the House Supervisor on day shift at Good Shepherd Community Nursing Center. As a young mother, I made the decision to begin to work at the facility to help out with our finances and a growing family that needed my support and care.Initially, I worked as a nurse aide. I enjoyed the work; however, I wanted to do more for the residents. With my interest in helping others, I decided to further my education. I received additional training and became a Certified Medication Aide which allowed me to administer medications to the residents and provide services that a nurse aide was not allowed to do. As time passed, I grew restless again, wanting to get deeper in the care needs of the residents. I quit my job, went back to school, and became a Licensed Practical Nurse, LPN.After securing my LPN license, I went to work at a facility closer to my home. I was not happy. I realized that I was missing something, and that something was Good Shepherd, the residents, and the staff. I missed my second family and I realized that “family” cannot be replaced. I felt that I was a lost sheep and I needed to find my home. I called Good Shepherd and they were happy to hear from me. They had missed me too.My work enables me to become acquainted with people of all ages. I feel that I make a difference in their lives. I enjoy making other people happy and helping them to adjust to their environment here. This facility provides the residents with a homelike environment and a second family.
When residents become rehabilitated and leave our home, we continue to call and check on them. Some of them call and check on us. Some of them visit with us on a daily basis. What a blessing.As I continue the work that I have grown to love, I am now satisfied. It is my plan to greet people and to help them overcome problems and situations they face. Everyday at Good Shepherd brings new challenges, challenges that I look forward to meeting and overcoming.

Helmwood Healthcare

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Debby Jennings

Activites Director

The biggest reason why I love Helmwood is our residents. And the staff – they treat every single resident like they matter. They are treated with dignity and respect, respect that they deserve.
Our center is more like a home than a nursing home. It has a homey atmosphere, with good smells and decorations.
There is good camaraderie among the staff; every department works together for the good of the residents’ well-being.And finally, I love Helmwood because this is a great place to work. They treat the staff great. I feel appreciated for all the hard work that I do. And I have more assistance doing my job that I have ever had before. That makes you want to work even harder when you feel supported.

Mary L. Willis


I have been an employee of Helmwood Healthcare for over nine months and must admit I am very proud to be part of the team. Everyone shows genuine care and treats all residents and employees with dignity and respect. Department heads and the administrator are always helpful and willing to step in to lend a hand when needed. These qualities are hard to find in a working environment. This organization was recommended to me by a mutual friend, and I wish I had applied for employment here years ago. I would recommend this organization to all my friends and family members who were seeking employment, letting them know what an awesome organization it is to work for. God willing I plan on staying with Helmwood until the day I retire.

Peggy Walker

Former Resident’s Spouse

What a sweet spirit exists at Helmwood Healthcare! The unity at this care facility is a clear demonstration of the body of Christ, of which every single person is of utmost importance. Status is immaterial. Doing your best at the job assigned is most important, and each of you did—thank you! When one area of ministry was shorthanded, others gladly filled in the gap. I would love to name names to say thank you, but I don’t want to take a chance of leaving a special person out. Just know Helmwood Healthcare gets my praise outside its walls.

Pete & Paula Schubeler

Former Resident’s Family Members

Dear Helmwood Healthcare Staff,Your Senior Q picnic on Saturday was fabulous! The weather just topped it off to be the perfect day! It was so great to see all the residents so happy and to bring so many families together.Your generosity and organization were amazing!The staff worked so hard catering to everyone. Mom and the grandkids had a ball! She said when I wheeled her in “Thank you for a wonderful day!