Rose Anna Hughes

Presbyterian Homes and Services of Kentucky grew from a gift made by one woman to provide for other women. In 1891, a bequest was made by an affluent widow, Rose Anna Hughes, to provide care and shelter for widows who had no resources to provide for themselves. The money was entrusted to the Presbyterian Church until sufficient funds accrued to open Rose Anna Hughes Presbyterian Home in downtown Louisville in 1947. That gift, and the desire it represented began this ministry.

From this generous beginning, the communities of Presbyterian Homes and Services of Kentucky have developed and expanded to four homes throughout the state for the purpose of serving older adults. Through the years, other faithful friends and families within the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. have joined this ministry of providing compassionate care and service to older adults. Today we offer a broad range of services such as geriatric occupational therapy, assisted living and nursing home facilities.

A timeline of significant events in the history of Presbyterian Homes and Services of Kentucky.

In 1882, Rose Anna Hughes designates funds to be held in trust in her will.

In 1946, the Synod of Kentucky of the Presbyterian Church accepts a gift from the Haskins family which provides balance needed to open a home for widows.

In 1947, Rose Anna Hughes Presbyterian Home opens in Haskins-Herrington building in downtown Louisville.

In 1962, the Synod of Kentucky of the Presbyterian Church concludes its study of housing needs for the elderly with a decision to establish a “Presbyterian Home for Senior Citizens, Inc.”

In 1966, Westminster Terrace Home for Senior Citizens opens in Louisville.

In 1975, Westminster Terrace Health Care Center opens on the Louisville campus.

In 1981, Westminster Terrace Home assumes management contract to operate the Rose Anna Hughes Home. Discussions take place to consolidate the two Homes on one campus and strengthen the mission of serving the elderly throughout the state.

In 1985, Presbyterian Homes and Services of Kentucky, Inc. is formed and covenant relationships are established with each of the Presbyteries. Construction of the new building of Rose Anna Hughes was begun.

In 1986, Helmwood Retirement Village opens in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

In 1987, the new Rose Anna Hughes Home opens.

In 1990, Presbyterian Homes and Services Foundation, Inc. is established.

In 1993, Presbyterian Homes and Services of Kentucky assumes management responsibilities for the Presbyterian Health Center at Phelps, Kentucky.

In 1995, Presbyterian Health Center at Phelps is purchased and renamed Good Shepherd Community Nursing Center.

In 2001, Cedar Creek Assisted Living opens in Pikeville, Kentucky.

In 2005, Presbyterian Homes and Services of Kentucky retained Helmwood Healthcare when we ceased operation of the assisted living apartments of Helmwood Retirement Village.

In 2012, Presbyterian Homes of Louisville clarifies to the public their healthcare service offerings by changing the name of Westminster Healthcare Centre to Westminster Health & Rehab.