PHL celebrates in style!

We could not have asked for a more perfect day for our 3rd Annual Old Fashioned Picnic at Presbyterian Homes of Louisville! The warm sun and cooler temperatures helped 500 or so people enjoy a fun filled day of delicious food, entertaining music, and delightful activities! People of all ages enjoyed the professional face paintings (that were truly artful masterpieces) along with the superior magic tricks by our magician from a local Presbyterian Church. “Bonkers T. Clown” was also a very popular attraction this year as he created balloon animals for everyone who requested his talent! The crowd feasted on barbeque, baked beans, numerous salads, and tasty desserts (the desserts were provided by local Presbyterian churches). Many picnic participants were also lucky enough to win our 9 gift baskets that were raffled off in addition to 15 door prizes that were given away. PHL thanks all of the vendors and people who donated these prizes in order to make the day more special. We are also grateful for the numerous volunteers from our staff and community who gave their time to get everything ready for the big event! If you missed it this year, please plan to come next year for the fun!