Cedar Creek Highlights Employee with Spirit

Cedar Creek is blessed with committed employees who serve the residents of Cedar Creek with faithfulness and care. They are a tight-knit group who work with a singular vision to serve with excellence and compassion. It would be difficult for Cedar Creek to select from its small and devoted workers a single “employee of the year”. Instead, each year they celebrate as a team and recognize the work of the whole group with a picnic and celebration.

An example of the care and ministry to their residents and to the world, Cedar Creek highlights one of its most devoted workers – Carol Huber. In addition to her work in providing meaningful activities for the residents of Cedar Creek to enjoy, Carol and her husband, Melvin, operate Heralds of Christ Tidings of Joy, Inc. simultaneously with their other jobs. Having grown up in a household with parents who had been missionaries since the 50’s, Carol followed in the footsteps of her parents. Carol and Melvin began this ministry in 1972 and, for 37 years, they have been raising money for monthly support to meet the needs of the Haitian people.

Through the years, some of the things that the mission has helped local pastors accomplish: the purchase of vehicles; the education of students; the distribution of French and Creole translations of the Bible; to clothe children; to build churches; to provide for medical needs; to build an orphanage, the purchase of land for a community garden, and to build a kitchen for the nutrition program. Carol is careful to say “the work belongs to God” and to acknowledge that she and her husband simply work to channel the support to those in need.