Good Shepherd 2010 Spirit of PHSK Employee of the Year


At Good Shepherd Community Nursing, it is our privilege to recognize Bernis Casey as a vibrant example of a valuable employee at Presbyterian Homes and Services of Kentucky.  Bernis Casey joined the staff in 1980 as the Director of Activity Services. Through the years, she met a lot of people and developed valuable connections with members of the larger community that have served us well for many years.
Bernis was committed to improving the quality of life for residents of Good Shepherd.  She was attentive to the small details that gave their lives meaning and creatively worked to enhance their lives.  One of her more creative endeavors included taking some Good Shepherd residents on vacation to Tennessee for several years. Her enthusiasm was so contagious that she was responsible for all the recruiting and fundraising for the trip. Staff members of local restaurants in Tennessee would look forward to the arrival of our residents and provide special accommodations to assist with the residents.  Bernis Casey faithfully served the residents of Good Shepherd Community Nursing for nearly 30 years.

In November of 2009, Bernis became ill. However, the residents of Good Shepherd remained her primary focus, along with her beloved family.  She directed the activities of the Center from bedside even after becoming a resident herself, until her death in February 2010.  Described as being “meek and humble with the eye of an eagle and the heart of a saint”, Bernis exemplifies the care and devotion of a committed employee of Presbyterian Homes and Services of Kentucky. In addition to her service to PHSK, Bernis was a wonderful mother, grandmother and a true friend. It is our joy to establish, in her memory, the annual PHSK award granted to an exemplary employee, the Bernis Casey Award.  This honor will be awarded each year in July.