2010 Bernis Casey Spirit of PHSK Award Recipient

sopcrystalPresbyterian Homes and Services of Ky., is pleased to announce that Crystal Culliver Is the recipient of the 2010 Bernis Casey Spirit of PHSK Award.
Crystal is an Assisted Living Attendant on the Louisville Campus who joined PHSK in September of 2007.  A certified nursing assistant, Crystal was well-familiar with Presbyterian Homes of Louisville through a home health agency as a private caregiver for one of the Assisted Living residents.  Following the death of that resident, it was our good fortune she chose to join our staff.  She is well-loved by the residents, for they know her reliability and willingness to go “above and beyond” the call of duty. On her days off, she volunteers to run errands for a resident or to attend to the needs of their pets.  She forms such a bond with the residents, that she regularly attends the funerals and memorial services for residents who have died.  Family members know they can count on Crystal.  She is vigorous in her enthusiasm for life and for people and is capable of securing the cooperation of residents in even the most difficult situations.  Meeting challenges head-on seems to be a way of life for Crystal.  Speaking not a word of English, Crystal came with her daughter to America from Germany in 1985.

Crystal’s co-workers say, “Crystal cares for each resident as though they were members of her own family…but they truly are…because our residents have welcomed her into their families.”  and  “Crystal is very compassionate, always smiling and full of positive energy. She works a lot of hours and goes above and beyond in everything she does.” 

It is our blessing that Crystal not only came to this country, but found her way to PHSK.  The Presbyterian Homes of Louisville community is richer with her among us.  It is a privilege to recognize her as the 2010 Bernis Casey Spirit of PHSK Award winner.